My Practice

I am a licensed psychologist and have been practicing in San Francisco and Marin County for over 40 years. My approach to therapy is interactive. I seek to understand my clients’ struggles and collaboratively develop a process to resolve their difficulties.

Currently, my area of specialization is Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). EMDR is an effective and well researched therapy originally developed for the treatment of the aftereffects of severe trauma such as combat, physical and sexual abuse, sexual assault, traffic accidents and natural disasters.

In 2017, I assisted Philip Manfield, Ph.D. in the development of a revolutionary new technique, the Flash Technique, which combined with EMDR allows for the rapid and painless resolution of traumatic memories. EMDR and Flash are also successful in effectively treating anxiety, depression, avoidance, phobias and panic. These symptoms can arise either from major trauma or simply from the ordinary strains of growing up in a family and other challenges of life.

In addition, I’ve written a popular book, Imaginary Crimes, that addresses why some of us sabotage ourselves and prevent ourselves from being happy and successful.